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As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information. 
                                                  - Benjamin Disraeli

Are you winging it?

by David Roepsch on 04/09/15

I have worked with thousands of sales people from rookies to veterans and I have heard the statement “I don’t know the sales process I use….I just wing it…..” Now, how many of those sales people are successful? By some standard, sure. Some of that of the guess and by- golly (and a lot of luck) have them winning a sale once in a while.

The most successful people have worked with have a consistent process they follow. They have an objective for each step of the process and they are working that process over and over again. The really successful ones have done it so many times they make it look easy, and we think they are winging it!

The truth is, the sales people getting results, have a plan and they stick to it. They control the sales processes every step of the way. (yes I said, control)

I remember I was asked by a client to go on appointment to sell a group health and SEP plan. He was an experienced producer. I mean this person knows HOW to sell. The one who “can sell ice to Eskimos” and looks the part. We get to the appointment and I asked, “What is your objective with this prospect.” His first words were “I’m going to sell them with this.” He shows me a brochure and smiles.

So right there, I pulled out a pad of paper and we started to develop and refine a process that took time, and made him a happier and more successful producer. We talked about the objective for this call. What would a win look like when we get back in the car after this call? Then we broker   


When we focus on the process in STEPS, we get many wins along the way and by the time we are ready to ask for the business it is just a natural part of the process… Thus, nothing to dread or skip and makes the entire event enjoyable for everyone. It is a change in MINDSET and prepares you to be at your best and in tune with the customer through the process. The benefit to you is you get to count each successful step as a win. Gathering each win each day is a healthy sales environment that propels you to keep going and stay positive.

SO…What is your next step?                                                                                                                                           For agent use only. Not for public distribution.
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