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Hamid R.
Founder/CEO, Gentry House of Insurance LLC B.K.A. Gentry Advisory Team
“Dave has helped me and my agents understand importance annuity product knowledge and market of that.” 

Mark G.
“He has always been responsive and provided results. Even when the news was bad he was able to overcome the issues.” 

Jean Ann D.
Certified Estate Planner | Estate & Retirement Advisor | Owner of Senior Financial Security, Inc., Senior Financial Security, Inc. 
“Dave has always been the utmost professional! I would recommend him highly!” 

Dominic M.
Regional VP/Director of Marketing, Fidelity and Guaranty Life 
“I have had the pleasure of working with David at many insurance industry functions and National meetings for FMOs. He has always impressed me with his professionalism and dedication to his craft. His ability to develop strong personal relationships is a large measure of his success.” 

Cam D.
Senior Vice President, Dressander and Associates, Inc, DRESSANDER AND ASSOCIATES 
“Dave was a very vuluable asset to my business for many years. His deep knowledge of the industry allowed us to gain market share in a very competetive industry. A true professional that always came with fresh sales approaches and relevant topics to help my business grow.”

Lora H.
“David Is a very personable person. He Is a great listener and will attend to your needs or answer any questions that are asked of him. I highly recommend him. He is also a great speaker which keeps the audience interested in what he has to say about any subject.” 

Steve N.  CLU®
Sr. Marketing Support, American Financial 
“I worked with Dave for years when I was Vice President of Capital Care and he was our American Equity Regional Vice President. He was resourceful and operated with honesty and integrity. I always remember those I know I can trust and would recommend Dave for whatever endeavor he is interested in pursuing."
Bruce D.
Vice President - Chief Marketing Officer, Financial Brokerage, Inc. 
“Dave Roepsch has always been the consummate "go-to" guy when you have a tricky sales situation, need to know the details of a product or want background on your competition. When he held the RVP position he wasn't one of a group that had that title, he was "the" one, head and shoulders above the rest. If you are looking for an advocate, partner or someone to have your back Dave Roepsch is the man.” 
“Dave is one of the hardest working, most knowledgeable, results oriented representative with whom I have worked.” 

Michael G.
Vice President, Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange 
“David is one of those rare individuals who can combine indepth knowledge of products and markets with great skill in connecting with people. I highly recommend David.” 

Todd K.
Regional Vice President, ING Fixed Annuities
“David is a true professional in the financial services business. He is knowledgable and his easy going attitude gains the respect of others in the industry.” 

Jay B.
Sr VP IMO Marketing, National Life Group 
“I have always thought of David as the face of American Equity, which is the most successful annuity Company on the planet. David's professional manner gave AE the image that they wanted to project.” 

Rocky G.
“30 years in business has taught me that real value and success is often dependent on the type of people you work and associate with. David possesses the work attributes, knowledge and moral character that has help my business tremendously. I was referred to David years ago from a trusted advisor. During that time I've personally made several introductions of David to friends and associates, all whom have benefited similarly to me. He is smart, reliable and trustworthy and it is with a high degree of confidence I give him my endorsement to be published.” 

Rick B.
Owner/President, Resource Solutions Tampa, Inc. 
“David, Is a man of great integrity and is very dedicated to helping his clients achieve their retirement goals. You will find after a short meeting that your financial concerns are his main priorities.” 

Hab B.
“David is a creative and knowledgeable financial planner to develops customized financial solutions for a broad range of financial problems, objectives, and aspirations.” 

Christopher H.
Vice President Life Sales, AIP Marketing Alliance 
“David's wealth of knowledge on the complex financial/ insurance industry comes in a rare combination of knowing the answers and delivering them differently to various groups or organizations. It is a pleasure to be associated with a true pro like David.” 

Todd C.
Sales Vice President, Allianz Life 
“David is a no-nonsense business professional. I've been a competitor of David's for many years. He is highly respected by all. HIs presentation skills are intimidating, he builds productive business relationships and brings true value beyond product. I am recommending David because he is one of the few people that through his abilities pushed me to be better.”

Bill H.
Speaker, webinar presenter, author, & licensor of 665 plus sales ideas, W.V.H.,Inc.
“I have now known David Roepsch for over 20 years and I have benefited very much by knowing him. I witnessed how a professional builds rapport with the principals of large marketing organizations.I saw him play a role in helping a small insurer become a giant. I watched him call agent and advisors to congratulate them on the business they submitted the previous day. Just recently in a Las Vegas ballroom with 750 plus agents attending. David was THE ONE I turned to when faced with a problem. And when you know David, you too will turn to him as your life-saver, career-enhancer, and your model for professionalism.” 

Brad G.
President, MAF Companies, Inc 
“David is one of the most persistent and passionate sales professional you will ever encounter. He loves (in order) his country, his company and his product so if you need someone to support your Index Annuity sale, you should use David as part of your team.” 

Paul G.
Marketing Vice President, National Western Life
“Dave is a pro's pro with a tremendous work ethic. He has an inate ability to communicate complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. I have always viewed him as an able competitor. Now in his new capacity, we'll have the opportunity to be of service to each other. And believe me, it is better to have Dave Roepsch working for you than working against you!” 

Chad K.
Regional Sales Manager, Conseco Inc 
“I have had the pleasure of working with Dave in multiple settings. We were colleagues at the same company and would later know Dave as he called on the company I worked with as an account. In every scenario Dave earns the respect with everyone he knows for his honesty, integrity and dedication to the highest level of service. Dave is an energetic and motivating person and always look forward to the of opportunity of working with him.”

Richard "Bubba" M.
Vice President of Key Accounts, Old Mutual Financial Network 
“I remember the first time I met Dave Roepsch was at an IMO conference. I noticed an individual approaching me with his hand out saying ‘Hi I’m Dave Roepsch and I’m with AE.' Over time, this confident, knowledgeable and professional individual and I developed a mutual respect and friendship. I made several attempts to hire David but his loyalty and dedication to AE was not for sale. Dave is a credit to our great industry and his entrepreneurial spirit with make this new venture a success.” 

Ray O.
Owner, The Ohlson Group, Inc 
“This is an easy recommendation. I have known Dave for many years. I knew him in my present position and also knew him when I was president of a couple of Life Insurance companies. Dave has integrity, credibility, is a problem solver and listens more than he speaks. If I was still in the corporate world...I would hire Dave in an instant. So, I highly recommend Dave as he will always do the right thing...and in the right way.” 

Rick K.
Chief Marketing Officer, AIP Marketing Alliance 
​“I have worked with David for more than 10 years. In that time, David has always been a good source of knowledge and expertise, a great advocate for us when needed, and a wonderful friend.”

Edward O.
President, Roster Financial
“I am recommending David as a "business partner" in spite of the fact he was a VP at American Equity at the time and we were wholesaling their products to independent agents. That is because Dave always made me and everyone at Roster Financial feel like his partners rather than simply another distributor. If you get the opportunity to work with Dave I think you will know what I mean.” 

Field Trainer, American Equity 
“I had the pleasure of working with Dave on several key accounts as his internal wholesaler and field trainer. Dave is a true partner to the organizations he works with and is also a great mentor to those new to the insurance industry, as I was, as well as veteran producers. Dave Roepsch brings incredible passion and true belief when he talks about financial services products, particularly annuities...and the results follow. I look forward to collaborating or working with Dave more in the future!”
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